Publish Your Own Book Online – Top E-Book Publishing Websites You Should Know About

E-book publishing websites to publish your own book online

Thanks to the internet, a lot of e-book publishing websites are now available where you can publish your own book online without worrying about paying huge production fees or ‘connecting’ your way to a big time publisher.

When you publish your own book, you are in control of your own creativity. You can get your ideas out there without worrying about what this or that publisher would say. Plus, the cost of self-publishing your book is almost non-existent compared to traditional publishing.

Many would-be-great writers see their dreams die because of either the high cost of publishing a book or not knowing how to reach their target audience by themselves.

Thankfully, the emergence of digital books (e-books) means more people now have a chance to make their own mark in the world without worrying about the cost.

If you have an idea for a great book, here are some reasons you should consider self-publishing your book online.

Why should you publish your own book online

Reach a global market

When your publish your own book online you can reach a global audience, thanks to the internet. Your readers would be able to get a hold of your book from wherever they are, in a matter of seconds.

There are no shipping or printing costs and anyone on this planet, even beyond, can hear what you have to say just by clicking a few buttons.

Compare this to traditional publishing where you not only have to worry about getting a publisher’s approval, you have to worry about costs of printing and shipping, and then pray your books don’t get lost in transit.

When you publish your own book online, the world is your marketplace.

Low, even zero cost of production

It costs little to nothing to self-publish your book online. You may spend a little money on editing and graphics design but that’s about it.

Most of the e-book publishing websites I will show you in this post won’t charge you any fees upfront. They will only charge you when you make a sale which is a win-win situation for everybody, right?

Opportunity to test your market before you spend money on printing

When you self-publish your book online, you have an opportunity to sample the reaction of your readers before you head to the printers. I know a lot of people who go through a lot to publish their book only to find out that it does not move any needles with people, meaning there’s little to no sales.

These are just some of the reasons to consider self-publishing your books. Let me show you where you can publish your own book online.

Top e-book publishing websites where you can publish your own book online

1. Your own website/blog

One of the most profitable things you can do when you have a website/blog is to promote and sell your own products/services. E-books are just one of the various products you can promote on your blog.

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You can also reach out to collaborate with other bloggers in your field to promote your book. It is one major source of recursive passive income. You can sell your book when you least expect.

This means of publishing your book won’t make you quick money when you are starting out as a beginner. But when it starts getting traction, you would be pleasantly amazed especially if you spend the time to build an email list.

2. is a very popular site for hosting and selling digital books. Not only does the site allow you to publish and sell your digital products, you can use their robust promo tools to create promotional materials for your sales campaign.

In addition, you can create affiliate accounts which will enable you get bloggers and marketers to promote your book, earning commission for themselves and making you profits at the same time.

Payment is handled through PayPal, where the company takes 5% of the sale of any book as commission. There are no hosting or monthly charges.

3. Amazon Kindle

The most popular place on the internet where you can become a digital publisher and publish your books without paying huge fees is Amazon.

Most authors who publish their books on Amazon earn anywhere from 35% to 70% in royalties from their digital books depending on their location and pricing structure. Aside publishing your books on Amazon, you could also get genuine feedback for your books too.

4. has been around since 2006. It is one of the best places to publish your digital products.

The registration fee for this platform is free, but you will have to pay a little amount for activation.

On this platform, you will not have to pay any monthly or yearly fee, and you will be earning 80% commission in sales from your digital books, while the remaining 20% goes to the website.

5. Google Play

The good thing about publishing your digital books/apps on Google Play is that billions of people all over the world will have access to your products on the Android smart phone.

Though not a conventional way to publish e-books, it’s still an option to look at when you prioritize distribution over revenue.


You may not have heard of this name as it is not that popular. does not only provide digital publishers the opportunity to publish their books, it also gives them complete e-commerce solutions when they ever need it.

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Just like Payhip, there are no bandwidth fees, monthly fees or hosting fees attached to this platform. You only have to pay the required 2% commission rate for every sale you make —a much better deal than

7. is perfect for creating, promoting, and selling your digital books. It has some very exciting software features which will allow you to create and style your works before publishing to your target audience.

The site does not only allow digital publishers to publish their books, it also allows them to  create such books in the first place.

8. E-junkie

E-junkie is another marketplace for you to sell your digital products.

You are required to pay a monthly fee which will allow you access to publish your digital products on their site. They have robust features like shopping cart and e-commerce integration, plus a lot more.

The downside is that the monthly fees could be a turn-off especially if you are not making any sales immediately. Still, their features compensate for the monthly subscription.

This monthly fee actually depends on the number of digital books you want to host on the site.

Over to you

Now you have no excuse, except the ones you could offer for now writing your book, of course :).

Some of these websites will provide you tools to create and design your book while others only allow you to host and sell your book on their platform.

If you are looking publish your own book online without paying any back-breaking fees, you can go through the sites mentioned above and decide on the one that match your interest.

Whether you pick and work with only one of them or you decide to choose more than one is just a question of your preference and what you can handle at a time.

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What do you think about these e-book publishing websites? Send in your comments and let me know.

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