Passive Income Business Ideas – 25 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Add to Your Full-Time Job

passive income side hustle ideas

If you want to start a side hustle or you need business ideas to generate passive income and add more streams of income to your portfolio, pay close attention to this post. I’m going to share with you 25 side hustle ideas you can add to your full-time job from today.

These side hustle ideas will add more streams of income to your financial portfolio while giving you time to stay focused on your job.

My goal is to bring these ideas to your attention and show you how to make more money while you focus on your main business or full-time job.

I will also share with you tips on how you can make these side hustle ideas generate passive income for you.

Once you set any of these businesses up, they need little or no direct input from you. That’s the idea of passive income.

This list will cover side hustle ideas from different sectors (agriculture, health, sports, oil & gas, etc) and for everybody, man woman, child, employee, businessman, housewife, etc.

We have a lot of cover so I’m going to get right to it. I suggest you bookmark this page so you can always refer to it when you like.

Top 25 side hustle ideas to generate passive income even when you have a full-time job

1. Create a course

Imagine waking up each morning to find tens, even dozens, of transaction emails showing that people are buying your courses even while you sleep. All you had to do was to create the course and put it up on a marketplace.

Whatever knowledge or experience you have, someone somewhere could use that knowledge. So you package your course and promote it for people to buy.

The reason creating a course is such a beautiful side hustle idea is that you create the course once and set up everything to run on auto-pilot.

The challenge most people have with this is creating the course to start with. If you have the skill and resources, you can plan your time properly and work on the course till you finish it.

You can also outsource the course creation to a freelancer, and you can buy an already prepared course which has a PLR license.

While you can sell your course on your own blog, you can also use your social media channels, email marketing or online marketplaces like Udemy and gumroad.

2. Start a car wash business

No, you won’t have to wash the cars yourself. You only have to set up the business.

Car wash business is a passive income cash spinner. To run this business, you need to hire competent people who are attentive to details and who will give your customers the best service.

How you pay them is up to you, but I recommend you have a sharing formula with them where you take a certain amount off every car they wash. This will make them work for themselves instead of working for you and receiving salaries.

People are more motivated to put in good work when they are working to make money for themselves.

To further monetize your car wash business, you can add other businesses like a bar, sports viewing center, betting mini-shop, etc.

3. Fund a business

If you don’t have the time to start a business of your own, you can look for a business that needs investors and fund the business.

This is quite tricky, though, and must be approached with all caution. You need more than basic financial intelligence and discipline to know which business is viable and which is not.

Don’t put your money in just any business just for the heck of it; you could lose you all your money if you are not careful.

If you don’t have financial management skills, you can hire a financial consultant to vet the businesses and advice you on the best move to take.

4. Start a chairs/tables rental business

Rental business is one of the most rewarding side hustle ideas yet.

You don’t need to be physically present to watch the business, you have almost zero fears of your business supervisor cheating you out of your money, and you make money round the clock because events never end.

This business can run while you sit in your office or do anything else you do. You simply need to set it up and go do your thing. All you have to do is to buy the chairs and tables, build an event hall, construct canopies, or all the above.

You can promote the business through word of mouth, social media or using conventional methods like stickers and flyers.

5. Start a book review website

Starting a book blog will pay you in the long term. You do need to have a genuine passion for books, though, enough to talk about books for the foreseeable future even when you don’t make any money.

This is not one of those businesses you start for the sake of making money. If you don’t have any passion for books, I suggest you move on the next side hustle ideas in this post. And no, don’t hire freelance writers 🙂

This article will guide you to start a book review website.

6. Buy and sell websites

Website flipping is much like real estate business. It means buying a domain name or a website for the purpose of reselling it for higher profits.

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A website (or a domain name) is an online real estate and could fetch you lots of cash in passive income.

This business does not take your time because you can monitor the activities in your own spare time. It does not take so much money to start either; you can get a domain name for under $10.

Yet, it’s a passive income spinner. People make full-time income just flipping websites or domain names or both.

Interested in starting a website flipping business? Follow this guide.

7. Multi-Level Marketing

You can’t talk about passive income or side hustle ideas without talking about multi-level marketing, otherwise known as network marketing. In fact, network marketing seems to be a perfect business for employees who need a side hustle.

You earn more money as your team grows and expands. It’s that simple but not quite so easy. There’s no easy money anywhere, as you must know by now.

I advice you to do a proper research before you settle for any multi-level marketing company. Many people have lost their money carelessly because some of these companies promise more than they deliver.

8. Start a real estate business

No, I don’t mean to become the next real estate mogul. That could take a large investment and over 100% of your time.

There are ways to start real estate business as a side hustle and generate passive income without spending too much time or money. I discussed all of them in this article.

9. Write an e-book

The reason I emphasize an e-book instead of just writing any book is that writing e-books is one of the perfect side hustle ideas for anyone who needs passive income.

You have no overhead costs, just self-publish your e-book online and, with the right promotion strategy, you would be making money for years to come.

The beauty of it you don’t have to worry about publishing cost, delivery hassles or running out of stock.

You can sell your e-book on your own blog/website, digital products marketplaces like gumroad, Amazon, your options to self-publish and promote your e-book are endless.

10. Dropshipping business

You can start a dropshipping business. This is perfect because dropshipping allows you to work from home or in your own spare time, you can start with little or no money, you don’t worry about inventory and you make really good profits.

11. Build mobile apps

You don’t need to be a developer to create a mobile app although, I must say, it helps if you have coding skills because then you won’t need to spend money looking for programmers to build an untested app.

But you can hire a developer if you are convinced people will like your app. The more people download your app from the app store, the more money you will make.

The good thing is once your app is live, everyday is a fresh opportunity for you to make passive income.

If you are programming newbie and would like to learn how to code, these 5 websites will teach you programming for free.

12. Start a blog

Starting a blog could be quite tedious especially as a beginner. It also takes a while to start seeing any results but if you are looking to quit your job someday or move to a new level of income generation, side hustle ideas don’t come better than blogging.

The hard part is coming up with meaningful content day after day, and getting traffic. If you can do these 2 things, blogging will pay you full time.

Everything I know about blogging, every information that has helped me succeed, I have packaged into a free course for beginners to find their feet in the blogging world.

13. Rent out your unused room/flat/house

The internet has made things easier these days. If you have any unused rooms or flat or house, you can rent it out to tourists and visitors.

When you list your unused space on online hospitality marketplace like Airbnb, you will host people and they will pay you handsomely for it. You don’t need to do any bargaining or marketing, Airbnb does everything.

So you can list your room there and go about your business. Just make sure the room/flat/house is decent enough for people to stay in.

14. Start a peer-to-peer lending club

The scar of MMM is still fresh in people’s mind, isn’t it? I will understand if you feel like stoning me for even mentioning peer-to-peer lending (lol).

The truth is, if handled well, peer-to-peer lending is a way to help others and help yourself too. You can join a club or start one yourself. Just be careful because this is quite risky especially in countries like Nigeria where P2P lending has become synonymous with scam.

15. Invest in dividend paying stocks

Banks are more willing to charge you one ridiculous fee or the other instead of paying you the promised interest on your savings account.

Instead of letting your money lie fallow in your bank account doing nothing, you can let the money work for you. There are several dividend paying stocks you can invest in, like treasure bills, bonds, etc.

The interest may not be much but you don’t get anything at all if you just leave the money in the bank, do you?

16. Rent out sports equipment

Do you love sports? Even if you don’t you can buy sports equipment like table tennis, pool table, etc and let people play on them while you collect the money. You can even put someone else in charge of collecting the money while you go about your daily business.

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The money comes in as passive income while you focus on your main job.

You can even take things a bit further by building a mini-bar around the sports tables so those who are not playing can relax and watch people who play.

17. Create a YouTube Channel

If you are not shy with videos and you know you have something valuable to share that people will appreciate, you can create a YouTube channel and start uploading your videos.

As your subscribers base increases and your videos start going viral, you can start getting paid by monetizing ads on your videos. The more people view your ads, the more you earn from your videos through Google Adsense.

18. Start a games center

You have probably seen people visit a games arcade to play games and relax, haven’t you? Video games, live games, and so on.

First time I visited a games arcade, I spent over N3,000 in under 30 minutes and I didn’t feel like leaving yet.

It could take quite a lot of money to start a proper games arcade but you can start with something simple like video games in a small room. People will pay to play with their friends. Cool passive income, that.

19. Snail farming

Snail farming is one of the best side hustle ideas in agriculture. It is lucrative, does not take your day-time because snails eat mostly at night, does not need a lot of space – you can start a snail farm in your own backyard, and snails do well with little supervision.

It’s all explained in this complete snail farming guide.

20. Cow rearing

Yet another passive income source in agriculture. How this works is you buy a calf or a grown cow, depending on your preference, and you place them in an established ranch where the owner of the ranch will feed and grow the cow.

At the end of the day, when you make a sale, you share revenue with the ranch based on a prearranged sharing formula.

21. Photography

While this may not result to passive income at first, it’s a perfect side hustle idea because you can start photography as a hobby which you can engage in on the side.

Over time, as your photography skills improve, you can make a full-time income from it and become your own boss just like this business woman.

22. Sports viewing center

Sports events usually occur during off periods, after working hours. So when you set up a sports viewing center, it does not get in the way of your full-time job, it gives you consistent passive income and as side hustle ideas go, it’s perfect.

You can integrate other related businesses as well and make more money, like a bar, betting agent, games, mini-mart, etc.

23. Sports betting

This is another passive income yielding business. While I don’t encourage people to go out and bet because it could become an addiction, a dangerous addiction, having a sports betting center on the other hand is a cool business.

You can employ people to man the centers for you while you focus on your main business.

24. Rent out a farmland

If you have a piece of land just lying there and you have no time or experience for agriculture, you can let other people farm the land and share part of their proceeds.

A lot of young people have the skill and energy to make it big in agriculture but the cost of affording a farmland is beyond their capital budget.

When you enter a joint venture with them, they are happy because they get the land for nothing and only share proceeds when they sell, which is a win-win for everybody.

25. Become a passive partner in a business

Partnering with a friend to start a business is another passive income generating business idea. You don’t need to be an active partner in this case. You will come in as a sleeping partner in the sense that you don’t take active part in the management of the business.

You can put up a bigger portion of the running cost of the business while the other partners manage the business. In the end, everybody shares in the profits.

Over to you!

These side hustle ideas are not the only ones out there, but they are enough to get you started. Do you know of any other business ideas that can generate passive income? Share them with us in the comment section.

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